Monday, January 31, 2011

Decorating with Vintage Water SKis

     Remember those old wooden water skis you learned to ski on as a child?  Well, go get them out of your boathouse, wipe the dust off, and get inspired! Here are several ideas of creative ways to repurpose those old Dick Popes and Cypress Gardens. 

     These are some images from our store. We have a local artist who is repurposing these great old skis into coat racks (top left), wine racks (top right), and mirrors (bottom right.)  How cute to hang a water ski coat rack on your back porch to hang towels and life vests from at the lake!  These adorable vintage reproduction signs are a great for lake houses too. They can be personalized to say the name of any lake or even the name of your cabin.

     And here are a few more ideas we found online from some other creative people! Love it!
We found the chairs on  and the bench was shown on

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