Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beds Beds Beds!

At Seibels, we custom build our own private line of architectural beds and offer a full range of design services to our customers at no extra charge.  Come in to the store to see more examples of what we can do for you.

Swinging Bed $1,995.00

Our best-selling bed, this swinging bed is great for games, naps or a full night's rest and is built to hold as many as you can pile on. Each is custom made with your taste in mind. Our beds are treated for covered porches and include all the galvanized and stainless hardware needed for your application. The standard size is built to hold a twin mattress ($259) which we can also supply. Some people also prefer our custom burlap chain covers ($89) to soften the appearance of chain. Allow 6-8 weeks. Dimensions: 45W 82L 34H.

Industrial Brickmaker Style Bed $1,295.00

This platform bed is a bed raised on closely set slats, or a platform, which has certain advantages over other types of beds. Bed skirts do not have to be used neither is a box spring mattress needed to support the top mattress.

Architectural Queen Deluxe Bed $1,695.00

Queen Canopy Bed $2,950.00

Custom Twin/Full Bunk Bed $2,295.00

Gustav Queen Bed $1,295.00

Tall Mendocino Queen Bed $1,895.00

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