Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pallet Wood

We're just crazy about pallet wood here at Seibels! We've got end tables, headboards, magazine racks, and shelves all made out of this versatile and awesomely rustic material! And the best part is that all of our pallet wood is recycled...a lot of it coming straight from our furniture shipments.

The versatility of pallet wood makes for beautifully diverse furniture! Check it out...

19"SQ x 27-30" H pallet wood end table. Looks great next to beds, couches, chairs...pretty much every and any location!

Twin Pallet Platform Bed. Perfect for a Lake house, Mountain house, or your house.

Pallet Wall Rack. A great addition to a kitchen or living room wall!

Custom Pallet and Poplar Bookshelf. Would be a beautiful addition to a study or office!

Stop by Seibels today to get your hands on some of our awesome pallet pieces! You won't be disappointed...we promise!

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