Thursday, August 30, 2012

Swinging beds on the sidewalk!

If you haven't stopped by to sit on our Architectural Swinging Bed, come on down to the shop and see for yourself why it's one of our hottest selling items for creating unique outdoor living spaces. This custom built swing is a true work of art, and is made right here in Homewood, Alabama. You can choose from one of our many popular designs or have one designed exclusively just for you. We use a variety of woods including pine, spruce, oak, cypress and teak and your finish options are endless.

This is one of our teak beds in the shop that was designed for a client's beach house in Florida. With an ocean front porch they wanted a custom swinging bed that would last with a slightly contemporary design. We chose teak with its natural oil in a mortise and tenon construction shown here during the sanding process.

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